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Sorbonne Nouvelle University

Sorbonne Nouvelle University

Image of a building that says Sorbonne Nouvell Paris III.

A leading institution for education and research in the humanities, the Sorbonne Nouvelle University is especially known for its programs in Cinema and Audio-Visual Studies, Contemporary Literature, Theatre Studies and Communication Studies. The Sorbonne Nouvelle University promotes scientific strategies in modern humanities with an emphasis on three key themes:

Summer Institute: Psychoanalysis and the Media

Northwestern University and the Sorbonne Nouvelle University co-host an annual Summer Institute that brings doctoral students from around the world. The Summer Institute expands on the two universities’ interdisciplinary strengths in media studies and psychoanalytic theory, as students in art, history, English and other fields discuss the new ecology of media and the self. 

The first annual Summer Institute: Psychoanalysis and the Media took place in Paris from June 25 to 28 in 2018. Isabelle Alfandary, a professor of American Literature at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3, and Alessia Ricciardi, a professor of Italian and Comparative Literature at Northwestern, planned this original Summer Institute after eight years of academic and pedagogical collaboration. Click here to learn more about the Summer Institute.