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Our Research

Transatlantic collaboration

A wide variety of scholarly communities at Northwestern have developed collaborative projects over the years, demonstrating the usefulness of exchanges with French institutions.

Various conferences and seminars on both sides of the Atlantic allow scholars to share research, to identify new questions and to develop new intellectual agendas. 

Ongoing research projects

We sponsor the following collaborative research projects.

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Security and Governance in Africa

This project brings together scholars from Northwestern and Sciences Po to study conflict and stability in the Sahel region of Africa.
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Critical theory

We partner with ENS, Sciences Po and Sorbonne Nouvelle University to produce programs, events, tutorials and exchanges related to critical theory.
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Early modern studies

The research partnership between Northwestern and ENS de Lyon in early modern studies has resulted in a series of enriching programs and workshops.
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Image of a bust of Shakespeare in a library.

Contemporary literature in English

Northwestern’s partnership with the ENS de Lyon has allowed for a number of exchanges between scholars interested in contemporary literature in English.
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Past projects

In addition to the ongoing projects listed above, learn about collaborative projects we have sponsored in the past.

Three successfully completed Partner University Fund (PUF) grants in molecular biology, African studies and urban sociology are a testament our support of multi-year research agendas.