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Teaching at ENS de Lyon

English Language Teaching at ENS de Lyon

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, or ENS de Lyon, through its English Department or the Language Centre (CDL), hires annually four native-speaker teaching assistants, or lecteurs/lectrices, to teach students in their final year of undergraduate study or beginning graduate study (masters or aggregation) across the humanities, social sciences and sciences.

Program Details

Lecteurs/lectrices at the ENS de Lyon receive a monthly salary of around 1,200 euros after all deductions (tax, contribution to national health insurance, etc), paid every month for a full year (September to August). They are also entitled to apply to rent a room in shared housing on campus, although availability cannot be guaranteed. Typically, two lecteurs/lectrices are assigned to each of the following:


Candidates for lecteur/lectrice posts at the ENS de Lyon must be native speakers of English, and have attained a level of education at least equivalent to a French first year master’s degree – that is, have completed one or more years of graduate study – in a discipline that is relevant to the teaching activities in which they will be engaged.

They must speak excellent French, and demonstrate a capacity to think critically about, and teach, issues of language and translation, as well as those related to their own field of study, and the ability to adapt to the French system of concours. Teaching experience is desirable. Students engaged in doctoral work are particularly welcome to apply.


For information on how to apply, read the most recent call for applications 2017-2018.

For more information, contact the Bureau des personnels enseignants at the ENS de Lyon.