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Dual PhD Programs

"My affiliation with the EHESS was helpful in that it allowed me to connect to a large community of scholars focused on francophone West Africa — helping direct me towards a wealth of research that has been done on the region.”

 - Chelsie Yount, dual PhD in anthropology, Northwestern/EHESS (2016)

The dual PhD, or co-tutelle de thèse, is an ad hoc agreement that allows outstanding students with specific interests and needs to have their PhD dissertation supervised by faculty members from both Northwestern and a French university. The student then receives a doctorate from the French institution and a PhD from Northwestern.

With advisors on both sides of the Atlantic and opportunities to participate in seminars and conferences at both institutions, dual PhD students have produced great results. Dissertations have covered vast areas of study, from urban sociology to African politics, and from theater studies to critical theory. Our alumni have an impressive placement record, going on to such positions as: